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Wadena County Commissioners: Keeping an eye on the budget; prioritizing services

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on May 12.

COVID-19 Update

County Coordinator/Engineer Ryan Odden shared the state has set guidelines for graduation ceremonies and large events. Public Health has put together a working list in the county and many events are getting cancelled. The all-school reunion and June Jubilee also have been cancelled.

Cindy Pederson, public health director, is setting up a meeting for the city, municipality officials to ensure everyone is on the same page with current guidelines.

Events that were booked for Old Wadena have been cancelled.

Commissioner Chuck Horsager shared Sebeka is waiting another week to make a decision about their celebration days. They have not heard confirmation on the county fair yet. Commissioner Jim Hofer shared the extension committee may have a virtual livestock and project tour with 4-H groups. Barns would not be used.

Commissioner Jon Kangas has received questions and concerns for more disclosure on COVID-19 cases in the county.

Long term care facilities are listing their cases.

Pederson commented that information about individuals is protected by HIPPA, and that would include their location. By law they are not able to disclose that. An outbreak in a long term care/congregate care facility would be reported because it’s not individual data.

Budget Discussion

The budget committee has been meeting and have discussed the impact of the pandemic.

So far, just under $3300 has been paid for emergency operations. . . .



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