Wadena County Commissioners: Permit for Bull Bash thrown in the ring again

by Trinity Gruenberg


The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on August 18. Bill Stearns was absent.

County Coordinator/Engineer Ryan Odden said the screening station was filled this week with volunteers from various departments. They reached out to the civilian bailiffs to see if they would like some extra hours and had some part-time drivers from Friendly Rider cover as well.

The lease agreement with St. Ann's for a temporary court location is not resolved. It would push trials back to September 8. The amount in the current lease far exceeds what was originally discussed.

Commissioner Chuck Horsager would like a board consensus before signing the lease which could result in a special meeting.

The fairgrounds is going to be the site for a demolition derby. They are following the attorney general’s guidelines.

Odden discussed the permit for the Nimrod Bull Bash for an application under Ordinance 6. Troy Meech submitted an application on July 14 via email. The ordinance states applications have to be submitted 90 days prior to the event. Odden returned the application to Meech on July 30 as there was information missing on his application. Odden spoke with Meech on the phone on August 3 about the ordinance and the application.

Ordinance 6, regarding large groups and assemblies, was established in 1987 and revised in 2019. It took effect on January 1. Meech was informed he would be subject to the new ordinance in 2020. Meech has not completed the permit.

The attorney general’s office had a conference call with Meech to assist with a plan to host his event. Meech opted not to receive their assistance. . . .

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