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Wadena County Commissioners: Refugee resettlement discussed, trees in the right-of-way

Wadena County Commissioners
County Commissioners Sheldon Monson, Bill Stearns, Chuck Horsager, Jon Kangas and Jim Hofer.

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on January 14.

New Vests for Sheriff’s


A request was made for new bullet resistant vests for the five deputies that are a part of the Wadena/Hubbard Emergency Response Team as the current vests are no longer under warranty. Each vests costs $1937 for a total of $9685. Commissioner Jim Hofer explained it’s a one time cost and they could use funds out of general reserves. The request was approved.

Chief Deputy Joe Schoon explained that the vests being retired will be held on to for secondary cover. It is illegal for the general public to own a bullet resistant vest. Schoon explained that some agencies will seek out older equipment and would exchange them for different equipment needed.

The commissioners suggested creating a budget for the vests every five years and have the budget committee look at it.

The area on County Road 18 by the Huntersville State Forest with established trees in the right-of-way.

County Coordinator and Engineer Ryan Odden explained that the highway department has been clearing out County Road 18 in the northeast part of the county.

There was discussion about the crew cutting some trees out of the right-of-way. . .



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