Wallet found during demolition returned to owner

by Trinity Gruenberg


Members of the Wadena County Ag Society demolished the long standing bathrooms on the property and found some interesting surprises.

The demo took place on May 30 and 31. One of the bathrooms was located just off of Birch Avenue, behind the home and hobbies building.

Kylene Lehmann was a bit bummed because she wanted to save a bathroom bay for the haunted house, but was only able to save a few doors.

Lehmann explained the bathroom had never worked well as the building was not insulated and the water lines would freeze. They had an “occasional hobo or two” that attempted to take up residence in the bathroom.

The bathroom had not been operational for the last few years and the board decided it was time for it to go. All that remains after the demolition is a cement slab they plan to use for a stage for fairgoers to enjoy live music. . . .

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