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Warzecha brings conservation ethics to his land

A new hunter with Ralph Warzecha after a successful turkey hunt. —photo courtesy of Ralph Warzecha

Ralph Warzecha is a humble man who loves the land and believes in caring for it and the creatures that inhabit it. He makes his home in Eagle Bend. Over the past several years, Warzecha has worked on several projects on his land, partly through the Partners for Fish and Wildlife program.

One of those ventures was restoring and/or creating 22 ponds or wetland areas. Along with that he also created 21 acres of prairie grass which allows animals to graze, hide and live in a hugely natural setting. For the past 16 years, Warzecha has invited first time hunters to come out to his land and learn a little bit about hunting and to give them the chance to experience their first hunt. He has typically held these hunts for turkey and deer season mentoring. He hosts no more than ten hunters a year. “With the profession I’m in, it allows me the fortune to choose people for the hunts. Some are disabled, others have troubles in life. I can show them a new outlet. . . . .



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