Wolfenbargers recall Wadena Tornado ten years later

The Wadena Tornado destroyed the Wolfenbarger’s home on June 17, 2010. They took shelter in a closet when the roof was ripped off their home and the walls fell on top of them.

by Trinity Gruenberg


June 17 marks the 10 year anniversary of the EF4 tornado that hit Wadena which left a path of destruction for 10 miles.

The tornado hit the southwest side of town, damaging over 200 homes, knocking over headstones in the cemetery, countless trees were downed and it destroyed the high school and fair grounds.

“Our house was on the front page of every paper in the state,” said Jeremy Wolfenbarger.

Jenn, Jeremy and Izzy Wolfenbarger paged through their photo album looking at the photos of destruction caused by the tornado 10 years ago. Izzy was three weeks old at the time the tornado hit.

The aerial shot of the hardest hit area of Wadena, included their home.

Jeremy and Jenn Wolfenbarger lived at 1217 Seventh Street Southwest. They were at home with their three-week-old daughter Isabella (Izzy). Jeremy had lived there for two years and Jenn a year.

Their home was a small gray ranch style home, two bedroom, one bath, attached two car garage and it did not have a basement.

The only interior space in the home was a closet in Izzy’s bedroom. . . .

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