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Wrightstown United Methodist Church celebrates 125 years

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wrightstown United Methodist Church will be celebrating its 125th anniversary on September 18.

The church has a long history of being paired with many area churches along with standing on its own.

The Edmund Wright family came to the area in 1873 by covered wagon. After building a log home for the family, more settlers arrived in the area and the need for a school rose. Wright and other settlers built the schoolhouse in 1874. By the time the school was finished, there were 23 settlers and nine children who were the first students to attend. The first teacher was Ellen Dockstater.

Wright was given a license to preach in 1858 by the Free Will Baptist Church. He held church services at the school building.

In 1885, services were conducted at the Wrightstown Schoolhouse with Pastors Babcock and Costin. A revival was held in 1888, baptizing Zebe Wright and George Freeman, the first two members. Plynn Aldrich, Elias Merriam and Charles Walker were elected trustees. . .



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