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Writing their guts out

by Karin L. Nauber

The Writer’s Lunch Bunch at one of their previous meetings. The group meets monthly when possible for most of the year except for the summer months. Pictured around the table starting with the front left are: Karin Nauber, Dee George, Nancy Leasman, Carol Stender, Kim Lind, Sharon Quale and Teresa Jarvela. The participants are from many different parts of Minnesota.

“We’re just a bunch of crazy women writing our guts out,” said Maggie from the movie Claire of the Moon.

Just a bunch of crazy women writing their guts out is a good way to describe nearly any women’s writer’s group.

It is true of the Writer’s Lunch Bunch that meets about once a month at various locales in Todd County (but mostly in Eagle Bend).

Even though the group members are from various locations throughout Minnesota, their desire to tell a story is the same.

Each one of the members has a different story to tell and a different way that they tell their stories.



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