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Slagerman guilty plea deal accepted by judge


On Monday, June 3, in a full courtroom, family and friends of Lacey Kuschel wearing shirts with the saying “Justice for Lacey”, listened as District Court Judge Douglas P. Anderson ruled the plea deal set forth by Todd County Attorney Charles Rasmussen and Christopher Karpan, (Tyler Slagerman’s attorney), would be accepted by the court.

    Prior to reading his decision, impact statements by family and friends of Lacey were read out loud.

    The common sentiment throughout was that they didn’t feel the plea deal that was reached was enough for him accidentally shooting Lacey in the back while she held their child. They were seeking for Judge Anderson to throw the plea out and go to trial or at the least give him the four year maximum sentence for the crime.

    They also gave testament to the wonderful person Lacey was. Jessica Kuschel said, “She is the woman I wanted to be. I looked up to her,” Rachel Bounds said, “She was my best friend in every sense of the word. She was my mentor and the person I wanted to be.”

    Bounds also commented that everyone makes mistakes and Todd County has a chance to make a name for itself. . . .

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