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Slagerman pleads guilty to accidentally shooting Kuschel



At a plea bargain hearing on Tuesday February 13, Tyler Slagerman admitted to unintentionally shooting and killing his girlfriend Lacey Kuschel  while she was holding their child.

    While seated with his attorney, Christopher Karpan, Slagerman entered the guilty plea for unintentional manslaughter and in doing so the county has agreed to drop the other charges.

     Slagerman had also been charged with child endangerment and 2nd degree unintentional manslaughter even though their daughter was not injured in the shooting. Slagerman has recently regained custody of their child.

    After entering the plea, Slagerman gave testimony on what happened on February 25, 2017.

    Slagerman said he returned home at approximately 12:45 a.m. on February 25. He had been out drinking alcohol with some friends. He was talking with Kuschel and the dogs were barking so he thought there were some animals outside. He said they had trouble with animals in the past.

    After hearing the barking, Slagerman went to the corner of the bedroom to grab the 30-30. He said the rifle was fully loaded with a shell in the chamber. When he turned to run down the stairs with the gun a round discharged from the gun. 

    At that time he didn’t know she was shot and that she didn’t either. . .

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