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Rural Staples man charged in the death of three-month-old


According to court documents, on December 5, 2018, at approximately 3:48 p.m., a deputy with the Cass County Sheriff’s Office was advised of a medical situation at a residence on State Highway 64 in rural Staples, Cass County. 

Dispatch informed the deputy  that there was a three-month-old that had a seizure and was having difficulty breathing. The deputy arrived on scene. On the steps to the front door was Presley Arron Sleyster, 20. 

Sleyster informed the deputy that the child was not breathing. Once inside, the deputy observed one female tending to an infant in the living room and another female was on the phone with an ambulance service. The deputy was informed by the two females that the infant’s breathing was shallow, approximately every five seconds or so. Law enforcement then coordinated with the ambulance service  and a helicopter to transport the child to a hospital in St. Cloud. The child was later transferred to Children’s Hospital.

Law enforcement obtained records from Children’s Hospital. The records indicate that on December 7 at 12:25 p.m., a doctor declared official brain death in the child and noted he was deceased. 

The doctor spent an extensive amount of time with the family explaining the conditions that led to the child’s demise. The doctor explained that the child’s bleeding was very acute and happened in the minutes to hours preceding  his medical care. . . .

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