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Stacie, the pumpkin queen

by Trinity Gruenberg

    For the past six years, the residents of Eagle Bend look forward to Stacie Warren’s pumpkin creations that she displays in her yard. 

    “The M&Ms were the first ones I did. It was a biggest hit. People were taking family photos with them!” said Warren. “One time three people were waiting to take pictures!”

    Warren loves art. When she’s not using her skills decorating nails at Salonrenew or working as a home health aide, she paints pumpkins.

    Their two daughters that are still at home, Brandi and Ashley help out. 

    “The minute the leaves start changing colors, the girls are on Pinterest looking for ideas,” said Warren.

    She prefers to paint them instead of carving them  because they last longer.

    “They’re a lot of work to carve and they only last a few days before they wilt and fall in. What fun is that?” questioned Warren.

    They have created Minions, the Peanuts gang, black cats cooking a witch, Pac-Man and Ninja Turtles. She gets her ideas from movies and plans out how to create them. 

    This year they made Emojis, based on the characters from the recent movie. 

    She uses different materials to create her festive pumpkins including spray paint, acrylics, craft paint, puff paints, eyeshadow and more. Every creation is sealed with a clear coat of acrylic paint. She binds them together with epoxy glue.

    “Whatever is on sale and at garage sales, auctions,” she said is how she acquires the paints.

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