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Three houses of faith still standing 100 years later—St. Frederick's Catholic Church


by Trinity Gruenberg

With help from the Pages of History, newspaper archives and the History of St. Frederick’s Catholic Church book printed for their 100th anniversary, the church recorded its history, cataloging everything ever purchased or brought into the church. St. Frederick’s Catholic Church building is 100 years old this year.

The building’s history started with the purchase of The Seventh Day Adventist church, which was active in the 1890s. They gathered in a log church and were admitted into the conference on June 25, 1884.  The church may have stood on the site of Verndale’s last creamery. 

In December of 1895, the church trustees transferred the lot to E.W. and E.E. Dickinson.  

Beth Townsend’s memories said that most of the church members had moved to Oregon and Washington by 1908. In 1911, the church was reorganized, called the Wing River Seventh Day Adventists. . . .

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