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New storefront opening


by Karin L. Nauber

When Marlo Benning painted the cupboards in her home, she may not have anticipated how rewarding and relaxing she would find the project to be.

But it was both.

Always having a passion for reusing and recycling, she had a thought about upcycling furniture.

“When the newspapers combined [Independent News Herald and Browerville Blade], and my workload as a journalist was cut back, it was a good time for me to start this new business. I thought it would be a way to turn my hobby into a way to make a living,” she said.

What is the new business?

It’s called Jazz It Up and the new storefront is located at the back of the Benning Printing/Independent News Herald in Clarissa in what was once a storage area. 

“It worked out well because we were planning to remodel the back room for Endless Ink, our apparel business. We completely gutted it and made it look like a modern store,” she said.

Part of that modern look includes a steel ceiling and a pallet wall. The decor also includes the incorporation of some of the early printing equipment from the 1900s which was housed in the print shop area. The front counter is an old linotype case and the vintage cash register just adds to the ambiance.

“I couldn’t have remodeled this space without the help of my dad who worked alongside me to rip everything out and then rebuild the space. He is the best! ....

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