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Sun up to sun down, all hands on deck for barn raising

Mere weeks after Chrissie and Malinda Miller lost their barn to a fire for the second time within a year and a half, their Amish community members gathered together to help them rebuild. During the first week of September more than 80 pairs of hands of men set to the task of a traditional barn raising, while the women prepared the food for the day. Chrissie’s brother Daniel said that although these times call for a lot of hard work, it is nice to get together and help each other in times of need such as this one. The Millers lost approximately 50 goats in the last fire which took place on August 23 at their home south of Eagle Bend. Although a large amount of the work was completed in one day, up to two days later, there were still people who came by to lend a hand, said Daniel. The Amish people typically don’t carry property insurance and, instead, everyone in the community helps out by paying a portion of the expense to rebuild besides giving of their time and abilities. They also share the needs of one another when it comes to medical expenses as well.

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