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Once in a super blue blood moon

by Trinity Gruenberg

    A rare lunar event occurred on Wednesday, January 31 in the early hours of the morning. It was a super blue blood moon lunar eclipse and may be the only one some of us will ever see in our life time. 

    The event happens when a super moon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse occurs at the same time. The last event similar to this was a blue moon total lunar eclipse that occurred on March 31, 1866.

    The second full moon to occur during a calendar month is called a blue moon. When the moon orbits the closest to earth it is larger and brighter (14-17 percent larger) than normal and is called a super moon. A total lunar eclipse turns the moon a reddish color, donning the name blood moon. Hence the name the super blue blood moon.

    The next lunar eclipse will occur on January 21, 2019.

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