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The taxman cometh...Americans not happy with tax reforms


According to information from WalletHub—a personal finance website—many Americans are not happy with the tax reforms and are still trying to figure out the new tax codes. Tax Day is coming, but it seems like there is worse news this year.

According to WalletHub’s 2019 Taxpayer Survey:

• Fewer than four in 10 people are happy with President Donald Trump’s tax reforms. In fact, 70% think they benefit the rich more than the middle class.

 • About 89% of people think the government currently does not spend their tax dollars wisely.

 • Thirty-one percent of people say making a math mistake is their biggest Tax Day fear, edging out not having enough money (28%) at the top of the list.

 • How far would a person go to not pay taxes? An astounding 36% of people would move to a different country for a tax-free future. Another 24% would get an “IRS” tattoo and 15% would take a vow of celibacy. . . .

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