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Todd County Board of Commissioners: A social worker will be added to the jail


by Karin L. Nauber

With Commissioner Randy Neumann opposed, the board approved the hire of one social worker for the Comprehensive Re-entry program in the Todd County Detention Center (jail).

According to Health and Human Services Director Jackie Och, a 2018 Innovative funding grant through Sourcewell will cover the cost of this position in 2019. 

This position and any corresponding revenue will be included in the 2020 budget


On May 1, 2018 and on April 16, 2019 the commissioners approved a resolution to affirm the county’s support of the Region V+ Adult Mental Health Initiatives Comprehensive Re-entry Program to reduce the number of people with mental illnesses in jails. On October 2, 2018, Commissioners David Kircher and Rod Erickson were appointed to a planning committee to develop a plan for Comprehensive Re-entry in Todd County. The committee included representation from the Todd County Attorney’s Office, Todd-Wadena Community Corrections, the Todd County Sheriff’s Department and Detention Center, Long Prairie Police Department, Staples Police Department, and Todd County Health and Human Services. The result of their work was a recommendation that HHS hire a social worker for Comprehensive Re-entry.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Kircher said, “This is a new program, but in the long run it can show we’re saving money. It will save on the sheriff’s budget by helping them with mental health issues and keeping them [people with mental health issues] from re-entering jails or even going to jail in the first place.” . . . .

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