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Todd County Board of Commissioners: Stainbrook is no longer with the county


by Karin L. Nauber

Todd County Coordinator Jonathan Stainbrook is no longer officially with the county after the passing of a separation agreement approved at the Todd County Board of Commissioners regular meeting on July 2.

The board action read: “An agreement has been drafted for separation of employment with an employee. The agreement would pay out the accrued vacation (42 hours, $1,874.46) and 40% of the accrued sick leave (25.2 hours, $1,124.68) transferred to the employee’s Health Care Savings Plan (HCSP) per the Todd County Personnel Policy. 

“Additionally the agreement includes a lump sum payment equal to two months of salary ($15,471.73). These payments would be in consideration of waiving all claims and potential claims.”

A second board action related to the first action read: “Todd County Coordinator Stainbrook’s last date of employment was June 18. The county board may choose to appoint an interim coordinator. 

“It is recommended the interim coordinator be paid at Grade 20, Step 4. The board intends to move forward in finding a new coordinator and anticipates the interim coordinator will be in place for approximately 16 weeks during the recruitment process. Total additional cost to the county would be approximately $4674 based on 16 weeks. The position may take longer or shorter to fill.” . . . .

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