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Todd County Board of Commissioners

County will seek candidates for coordinator


by Karin L. Nauber

The county will be doing its own search for a coordinator.

On July 16 discussion was held regarding the vacant coordinator position. 

Options were discussed at that time as to what they wanted to do.

The options before them were: 

Option 1: post coordinator position internally

Option 2: post coordinator position internally and externally

Option 3: utilize search firm to conduct a search for coordinator

Option 4: explore the option of administrator

Option 5: continue discussions through the county board and personnel committee

At their meeting on August 6, more discussion took place.

Commissioner Randy Neumann said that he supported option 3 which would be to use David Drown Associates (DDA) to do another search for a qualified candidate to fill the position.

Neumann said he had spoken with other organizations that had gone through the process a second time and was told it was a little better the second time through.

Commissioner Rod Erickson asked how long they had to utilize the option to have Drown do a second search.

Interim  Coordinator Chris Pelzer said the county would have two years to use them. She said Drown would also have no problem extending the time.

Commissioner David Kircher commented that he was not pleased with what the county had received in the first go around. . . .

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