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Todd County Board of Commissioners: Designations approved for 2018

by Karin L. Nauber

As their first matter of business for the new year, Commissioner Randy Neumann took the seat as board chair while Commissioner Gary Kneisl moved into the seat of vice chair.

Other designations:

• Official Newspapers: Staples World, Independent News Herald and Long Prairie Leader.

The rate of $10.15 per column inch—it was $9.95 last year—was discussed.

Commissioner David Kircher asked how that fit in the budget.

Commissioner Rod Erickson said that advertising was always an unknown because it depended on how much was printed.

Staples World General Manager Brenda Halvorson said that it will be more this year since it is an election year.

Coordinator Joe Hatch said that the line item in the administration budget for advertising things like job openings was well under spent for 2017.

Kircher said that he thought it strange that each year they set their budgets and then have to approve the official newspaper with possible increases to the rate.

Halvorson said that she had submitted a letter of intent in 2016, but hadn’t been asked for one in 2017 and didn’t think of it.

Neumann suggested that this be discussed with the finance committee in the future.....

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