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Kids terrorized in woods during football game


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Bertha-Hewitt School community was shaken by an incident during the Homecoming football game on Friday night.

Superintendent Eric Koep posted on the school’s Facebook page about the incidents: “There were two events that happened at the game that were concerning to the public. There was an intoxicated fan not from our area in attendance. The supervisors were able to get the gentleman to leave just after halftime; unfortunately, he came back during the 4th quarter. At that time members of the Todd County Sheriff’s Department were there to assist and took care of the situation. 

“The other concerning event was children near the playground alleged someone was in the woods trying to grab them. The sheriff’s department and Bertha-Hewitt administration spent several hours that night (and ongoing) and they believe this was an instance of kids being kids. (Meaning kids were running in and out of the woods trying to scare others.) They do not believe the public is in danger, but will inform the public if anything else comes forward. The Bertha-Hewitt School District prioritizes safety in school and at events—we sincerely apologize for these occurrences and we are confident that everything is taken care of,” Koep posted. . . .

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