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Large The word of God 
for all 

by Trinity Gruenberg

    The scripture of the Bible has been translated into many languages around the world. Kermit Titrud has worked for many years translating the Bible into eight different languages, and he’s not done yet. 
    Titrud is the son of Dr. Oliver Titrud. Titrud’s Minnesotan roots date back to 1892 when his great-grandfather, Martin Titrud, purchased land in Clarissa. Titrud purchased this family farm property from his father where he and his family reside during his furloughs from the Philippines. 
    Titrud and his wife Raquel spent two months this past summer back in Minnesota visiting family and friends. He has traveled all over the world, but he loves central Minnesota the most.
    “Northern Minnesota is woods, God’s creation. In southern Minnesota you see man working with God and creating fields. Here in central Minnesota you get them both,” said Titrud.
    “I love walking in the woods and fields, biking on the roads. I prefer biking over walking or driving. Walking is too slow and driving is too fast. Biking is perfect to see the nature around you,” he said. 
The first years of translating
    Titrud traveled to The Philippines in 1977 as a missionary translator and consultant. Four years later, as he we was translating he came across a verse that said, “love thy neighbor.” He literally followed the Bible and married Raquel (a Filipina) who was his neighbor. They have two children, a daughter, Shoni, and a son, Tim.
    Titrud committed himself for the next 10 years to the education of 30 kids from the mountains of the island of Mindoro in The Philippines. They built a school and taught 30 young elementary kids last year.
    “I figure the only way I can produce an ex

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