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The world needs you

by Trinity Gruenberg

    Cory Greenwood visited the Verndale School to share a message with high schoolers. That message was “you matter.”

    Provided by the James McKnight Suicide Awareness Group, Greenwood shared his personal experience with depression and dealing with the suicide of a loved one.  

    The enigmatic Greenwood started off by entertaining the students, tossing out packaged cupcakes and sharing an entertaining story about his love of hotels and using their wall mounted dryers to dry the hard to reach places after a shower. 

    He had the students select three teachers to join him on dance. Teachers Mark Biberg, Sheri Brewer and Principal Arick Follingstad were brought on stage and were shown how to “dab.” The pressure was on as Greenwood showed Follingstad the last video he had of teachers dancing had over a million views online. Students and staff alike enjoyed their attempts at dancing. 

    After everyone had a good laugh, Greenwood shared his story. 

    “I know everybody in here, whether you say it or not, you want to make somebody proud, you want to accomplish big things, you want to belong, you want to win. Sometimes you get caught up in all the wrong stuff, and it sabotages all that,” said Greenwood...

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