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Tonic Sol Fa to perform at Verndale School

by Trinity Gruenberg

    The popular acapella group Tonic Sol Fa will be performing at the Verndale School and teaching the high school choir class. 

    Tonic Sol Fa is based out of The Cities, and they call St. Cloud home. They have sold two million copies of their CDs and have toured extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad. 

    Tonic Sol Fa began at St. John’s University and includes lead vocalist Shaun Johnson, tenor and vocal percussionist, Greg Bannwarth, and bass, Jared Dove. They have made appearances on NBC’s Today Show and in Newsweek magazine and have shared the stage with recognizable performers including Jay Leno, Jeff Foxworthy and Lonestar. They were recently part of Garrison Keillor’s 30th Anniversary celebration of A Prairie Home Companion. 

    The group overcame a number of obstacles, including an unspoken apprehension to acappella acts by individuals in the music industry and having a name that was anything but catchy (a system of naming the notes of the scale, usually do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, developed to teach singing)...

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