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Browerville City Council: Tour of building leads to more questions


by Karin L. Nauber

“There are residents who have talked to council members who think it is a ‘folly’ to put money into the building,” said Browerville City Administrator Lynn Fabro during the regular meeting of the Browerville City Council held on Wednesday, September 12.

As part of the meeting, Council Members Mike Iten and Al Fenner, Mayor Bob Heid, City Administrator Lynn Fabro and a handful of citizens went over and viewed the building.

“We are looking at the building to see if it is worth putting money into it,” explained Fabro.

Mark Geraets, who is a respected contractor in the area who owns Three Star Construction, also went over to look at the building which formerly housed several businesses including a grocery store.

Geraets said after the tour that he would need another look at the roof before he could make any kind of suggestion as to whether or not the building was worth putting money into.

He said that he was not sure that a tin roof would be allowed because of the slope of the roof not being high enough.

Geraets said he would check to see what the lowest slope would be for a metal roof.

Council Member George Santer asked if they could use spray foam roofing? . . . .

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