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Youngsters make their own t-shirts while learning about printing and the newspaper biz


    On May 16, the Browerville kindergarten classes came to learn firsthand about what is done within the walls of Benning Printing and Publishing in Clarissa where their newspaper, the Independent News Herald, is put together each week.

    Students were shown how photographs and information are placed in the newspaper. They saw how photographs, including a group photo of themselves, are put on the computer and how technology can be used to modify them.

    They were also given a tour of the pressroom where commercial print jobs, such as raffle tickets and envelopes, are completed for the Benning Printing portion of the business. 

    The kids helped make their own “Class of 2030” t-shirts on the modern screenprinting equipment in the Endless Ink area. 

    The children are used to seeing the INH’s photojournalists out and about snapping pictures within the school walls, but this was an opportunity for them to see what else is done when they are back at the office.

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