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Todd County Board of Commissioners: Expo building user needs study is denied


by Karin L. Nauber

Citizen Roger Dukowitz addressed the board during the public comment portion of the regular commissioner meeting. 

First he spoke in regard to the Expo building. He said that if his house needed shingles, he wouldn’t tear it down to replace them. He would replace them.

Further he said if he were renting something, he would be liable to replace damaged items or repair them.

He said that if the board was considering spending $2 to $3 million to accommodate  the Long Prairie School District for their hockey team, they should probably consider the swimming pool in Browerville because that needed a building because it could only be used part of the year and the Bertha-Hewitt football team could use a stadium. He was making a point that if the Expo building needed a roof, they should fix it.

“Don’t tear it down and build new to fix the roof,” he said.

He added that the original intent of the building was for the use of the fair. . . .

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