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Verndale City Council: Disagreements continue with liquor store manager, road repair estimates are high


 by Trinity Gruenberg

    The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on  Monday, October 8.

    The meeting began with Joeb Oyster of Moore Engineering giving an update for the water tower and water projects. 

    The county finished inventory on their ditches. They have already replaced a culvert at the end of ditch five and will be replacing two more as they work towards dewatering the ditch.

    Oyster spoke with contractors about the water tower and they informed him they will get the best prices if they start construction in the spring. 

    “We are working to get the best product for the best price,” said Oyster.

    He will try to set a biding date before the next council meeting. 

    Fire Chief Mike Madsen shared they are working with the school for fire prevention week with a fire drill at the school then demonstrations at the fire hall for elementary students. They will also be taking a fire truck to a local day care. . . .

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