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Verndale City News...Land, eminent domain and "fake news" allegations voiced


by Robin Fish

    The Verndale City Council met, short Council Member Ardith Carr, on Monday, March 12 and took up the business of the weather-postponed meeting of March 5. 

    Wayne Stave confronted the council saying he was misrepresented in the newspaper article about the previous council meeting.

    Stave said the newspaper article was not true. He said repeatedly the article was “fake news” and the newspaper should reprint the story from the February 22 issue in order to set the record straight.

   Stave said the council should “start over” with the entire process and said it was “way too fast, too soon” to talk about eminent domain. He said he took such talk as threatening.

   Stave said he would expect an official apology from the council. Mayor Ray Ludovissie stated as mayor he could and did offer such an apology. Each member of the council also individually apologized for any confusion created or undue haste the council had taken in addressing the issue. . .

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