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Verndale City Council: Liquor store doing well, ditch survey complete


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on May 13. Mayor Raye Ludovissie was absent.

Water Project Update

Joeb Oyster with Moore Engineering shared the pay estimate for the water treatment plant is $128,559 for work completed to date by Eagle Construction. The board approved the payment.

Oyster explained the city had wanted metal siding and it was changed to vinyl by contractors in the bidding process. They are switching it back to metal. Maintenance Supervisor Matt Uselman wanted metal because it is more durable. It will cost $5000 to switch back and it is considered an allowable expense in the budget and no motion was needed.

They had to survey the county ditch to ensure the ditch will drain. The survey was requested by the county. The cost was $19,750. It was included in the budget. The county is working to clean up the ditch. The council approved the amendment. 

The water tower contract is on schedule to be reviewed and to be returned at the end of May. Everything still has to be signed and agreed to by Rural Development. 

They included a specialty tower inspection company to monitor the contractors’ building and painting of the water tower. The council approved the contract.

Fire Department

Fire Chief Mike Madsen said they had nine calls for the month. Madsen shared he was unable to get the hands only CPR class for the pancake feed. 

Liquor Store

The council was pleased with Melissa Current and the status of the bar. 

The liquor store had an increase in sales of $3153 over last year and a net profit of $8268 for the month. Profit for the year is $15,396.

For the 85th anniversary party the entrepreneur class made etched glasses to sell at the celebration and their distributers are giving them door prizes. They are looking at a three-man band for some live music during the summer.

“You guys are doing phenomenal,” said Council Member Ardith Carr. . . .

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