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Council discusses city biz


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on July 8.

Water Project Update

Joeb Oyster with Moore Engineering gave an update on the water treatment plant and water tower projects.

Oyster said everything is on schedule. Partial payment number one for J&J in the amount of $43,506 was approved for payment by the council.

He added the county hasn’t heard any concerns from residents about the water treatment plant. 

The council approved partial payment number five for Eagle Construction for $89,878.

The historian was in town last week and went to the historical society and the city for information about the existing water tower.

The plumbing was inspected at the water treatment plant and they wanted one thing changed. A change order will be coming. Currently, two pipes come together and then go out to the sewer. They want those to stay separated. They are bidding out for an alarm system for the treatment plant.

The well has been drilled and they encountered an issue. They are pulling approximately 20 gallons per minute. They should be getting around 200 per minute. They can’t drill deeper due to clay. They are 35 feet deep.

“It’s something in the way they drilled,” said Oyster.

They are working to resolve the issue. . . .

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