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Verndale City Council

Issues with new well, digital sign approved


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on August 12. 

Water Projects Update

Joeb Oyster with Moore Engineering presented partial payment six from Eagle Construction in the amount of $301,704, payment two for J & J Excavation for $227,542 and an invoice from Moore Engineering for $37,166. Council approved the payments.

Oyster said they are still working on the well issue. They estimated they are getting about 50 gallons a minute and know they can get more than that. They are discussing if they should get a hydro geologist on board. There is no requirement as to how many gallons they can pump, but Oyster noted that 50 gallons would be borderline for the city’s needs. The existing well is pumping 200 gallons per minute.

“We’re baffled also,” said Oyster.

Worst case scenario would be to drill a new well in a different location.

He reviewed a change order. Minnesota Power said they could have a transformer next to the building on a pad and have since changed their minds and want it on a pole farther away from the building for an approximate cost of $4500.

Rural Development gave the funds for the water tower. The tower is a go and will begin designing with council’s approval. 

The environmental review hasn’t cleared the tower yet and construction won’t start until it is approved, which could be around two months.

Oyster added he has taken a new opportunity with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, but plans to continue to attend the meetings as he would like to see the project finished.

Stan Thurlow, DEED grant administrator for the water tower grant through DEED (Department of Energy and Economic Development) for $600,000, brought documents for approval.

An environmental review said they don’t need an environmental impact statement as they have not damaged anything. Council approved. . . .

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