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Verndale City Council: New officer sworn in, fate of liquor store undecided, Rosenthal terminated


by Trinity Gruenberg

    The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on November 14. Council member Jim Runyan was absent, and Council Member Tara Erckenbrack arrived late. 

    Joeb Oyster, with Moore Engineering, shared they plan to open bids on the 29th. He will be meeting with the county committee on the 20th. 

    “I’ve been getting calls and emails from contractors already,” said Oyster.  

    He spoke with Rural Development about additional financing for the water tower.

    Stan Thurlow will be administering the DEED grant for $600,000, of which $20,000 will be for administrative fees and $580,000 for the tower. 

    “The main thing I wanted to show you is you don’t have a contract with DEED yet, which is contingent on you getting a grant with DEED,” said Thurlow. 

    The council approved the contract. . . .

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