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Verndale City Council, September 2018


by Trinity Gruenberg

    The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on September 10.

Municipal Liquor Store

    Jared Coffey expressed he is still interested in purchasing the Municipal Liquor Store (Muni). The city council told him they will be taking a survey first. 

    They decided to do a liquor story survey to see if residents would have any objections to the city selling the municipal liquor store. 

    The surveys will be available at city hall, the Muni and some area churches. The survey is for Verndale residents only. Inquire at city hall.

    Member Tara Erckenbrack said the liquor committee discovered that some price adjustments need to be made at the Muni.

    “It looks like we’re selling soda at less than cost,” said Erckenbrack. . . .

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