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Verndale City News: Land purchase approved for water project


by Marlo Benning

    At a special meeting held on March 26, the council voted to buy land from ORW Holdings for the water/treatment plant project in order to put the city’s second well and plant next to their existing one along Highway 10.

    Initially, a deal was in the works to purchase property in the vicinity from Wayne Stave. According to the minutes from the meeting, Mayor Raye Ludovissie said that Stave wanted the city to engineer water to his property as part of the deal. They felt he could have had water brought in from the street last year. Ludovissie stated that the water/sewer committee talked and they weren’t happy with that, and decided not to proceed with the purchase.

    The city went back to Rob Weiher of ORW and told him they had gotten an appraisal and that Weiher wasn’t out of line with the amount he was asking for the plot of land. A sale was agreed upon between the city and Weiher for $19,000 plus closing costs. The city will proceed by getting the title work done and the abstract. . . .

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