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Verndale City Council: Bid approved to remodel liquor store bathrooms, railroad disaster drill to be held in Verndale


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale City Council held its regular meeting on January 14. 

Water Project

Joeb Oyster with Moore Engineering updated the council on the water project. 

The government shut down is not affecting the water treatment plant project, but it is affecting the water tower.

“The website is unavailable due to government funding,” said Oyster.

He gave the council an amendment to the task order for PFA that the council approved. 

They are closing on the land  for the water treatment plant and the contractor would like to pour concrete in February and begin construction. 

Fire Department

Fire Chief Mike Madsen reviewed the fire report. Last year the fire department had 29 fire calls that included false calls and cancelled calls. They had 59 medical calls for a total of 88 calls. 

They will be having a large scale drill for a railroad incident in September. The scenario will involve a propane tanker and several lanes of Highway 10 will be shut down for this drill. It will involve multiple agencies. They will also issue Code Red alerts for the area that day as part of the drill. . . .

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