A public hearing is scheduled to discuss selling the "muni."

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A public hearing is scheduled to discuss selling the "muni."

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Verndale City News August 2018


by Marlo Benning


    Jared Coffey addressed the council about the possibility of selling the liquor store and that he has interest in purchasing it at the council’s regular August meeting. He said he had talked with Mayor Raye Ludovissie about it in the past.

    He asked if there was a possibility of buying it and if he should look for funding or not. Ludovissie said he is for it because municipalities are closing and he doesn’t want the city to be left with it. 

    Member Ardith Carr said the public needs to know that a municipal is to support your city. 

    “We haven’t made anything for years to significantly support our city,” she said. 

    Member Tara Erckenbrack said it is providing a service. 

    One member mentioned that it had ranged from a low of approximately $555 to a high of $16,000 over recent years. 

    Erckenbrack thought she’d need more information, such as how much they would sell it for.     

    “When we discussed it, we thought $65,000 to $80,000,” said Ludovissie. 

    Inventory has to be handled separately, noted City Clerk Barbara Holmes.     

    Liquor Store Manager Gary Rosenthal estimated that there is between $11,000 and $13,000 in inventory right now.

    Erckenbrack suggested they have a public meeting because it is a publicly owned building and they should be given the opportunity to give input. . . .    

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