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Verndale City News June 2018


by Marlo Benning

    Liquor Store Manager Gary Rosenthal reported sales down $3001 over last year, but that there was still a net profit for May of $979 as he gave a rundown of sales at the council’s regular June meeting. 

    He said that during the third week of June, the Lions Club is going to have a presentation from another company about the gaming at the liquor store before making their final decision. (Last month the council approved to allow the gaming).     

    Rosenthal then voiced his displeasure of now having to start at 10 a.m. instead of 8 or 8:30 as he has been doing. 

    He had met with committee members Ardith Carr and Tara Erckenbrack. Carr said that at the committee meeting, he had agreed to the new start time. 

    Carr said she learned at the MMBA convention she recently attended that no more than 25% of operating costs should be labor. The spreadsheet shows that they are not very busy until noon, she noted, so they wanted to try the later start time. 

    Rosenthal said he didn’t want them scheduling him when to come into the bar. . . .

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