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Verndale City Council: Special meeting held


The Verndale City Council held a special meeting on Wednesday, December 19 at 5 p.m. Member James Ackerson was absent. The meeting adjourned at 5:22 p.m. These are the unapproved minutes.

A motion was made by Ardith Carr to approve paying out any unused comp time at the end of the year, seconded by Tara Erckenbrack.  

City Clerk Barbara Holmes stated that there are funds left over in general government since the city did not remove any properties or have a lot of additional legal expenses for that project.  Holmes recommended transferring $12,500 from general government to the money market to be committed to major streets. Council approved.

Holmes recommended transferring $8000 to the money market to be committed to truck purchases.  Holmes stated that these funds are made available from the $25,000 that was donated by the Relief Association for the van purchase and also the insurance claim from the lost AED. Council approved.

Fire Chief Mike Madsen asked if there is a spreadsheet or something that shows how much committed funds are in each fund.  Holmes stated yes. . . .

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