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Verndale City News: Working to secure land for new water plant

by Marlo Benning

    At a special meeting held on January 24, the city had approved a one acre land purchase agreement as a location for the new well and treatment plant with a price tag of $10,000. The property is owned by Wayne and Sheila Stave and is located next to where the city’s well number two is on the northeast side of town along Highway 10.

    According to City Clerk Barbara Holmes, the Staves had agreed to the purchase agreement, but have since changed their minds. Due to this, an attorney came to their regular February meeting to discuss how to proceed. 

    Holmes said the council was hoping the Staves would attend the meeting, but they were not present. 

    The city would like to be able to make a fair and equitable deal with the Staves, but in case that isn’t possible, they could use eminent domain in order to attain the property.

    “We don’t have to make that decision, we’d do everything we can to resolve this in an amicable manner. From your standpoint, it makes sense to appoint a committee to make contact with the property owners to keep communication open,” said Attorney Jeff Pederson.

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