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Verndale City News—November 2017

by Marlo Benning

    Resident Elena Sharma  attended the November regular council meeting to discuss further the possibility of fixing up the building she purchased last December at 19 - 1st Ave. SW. 

    Clerk Barbara Holmes asked for a copy of her plans or paperwork from a contractor that indicated time lines of when the property would be brought up to code by putting in water and sewer. Sharma didn’t share any paperwork to the council, and  asked if anyone had seen the building recently. She had attended last month’s meeting requesting the chance to fix the building up for use as warm storage. It used to be used as an office building, but does not have water or sewer hooked up.

    While a few of the members acknowledged that it was looking better on the exterior, it was noted that the shingles are curling and there are issues with the tin on the backside of the building. 

    Mayor Raye Ludovissie said that the building, as discussed in past meetings, must adhere to city ordinance. 

    Ludovissue said that the state says you have to have water and sewer in a commercial building. Sharma said that the Department of Labor and Industry official and inspector told her that the plumbing code doesn’t apply to the property. She said that she wants to find the right person to talk to and go from there.

    Both Ludovissie and Member Ardith Carr agreed that the whole issue was that she was going to tear down the structure, that was the agreement made nearly a year ago, that in some way she would remove it to make it one lot with her other parcel. 

    “This is what was expected and now we’ve been postponing for a year. At the last meeting we told you to come in with bids or we aren’t going to do anything,” said Ludovissie. 

    “This is the fourth meeting and we’re not seeing anything different,” said Carr.

    Sharma felt that the council had been hard on her at the last meeting.

    “We’re not trying to be hard on you. Honestly, we’ve been very patient. Three times we’ve allowed you to come back with a different idea,” Ludovissie said.

    Sharma said she does have a bid to fix the building. They asked for the contractor bid and when it would be done.

    “What makes me follow  having to have this done?” she questioned....

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