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Verndale School Board: Apprenticeships, levy, high enrollment


by Trinity Gruenberg

    The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on Thursday, September 27. 

    The meeting began with a video made by Sourcewell about the Verndale School being a High Reliability School with comments from staff and students.

    They are working on level two certification and will be a demonstration site. 

    Superintendent Paul Brownlow touched on the upcoming election and that Board Members Scott Veronen, Tony Stanley and Bill Blaha are running for re-election. The next school board meeting will be held before the election. They will have a meeting after the election to canvass the results.

Work Force Center

    Career Advisors Deanna Matton-Millar and Darla Hoemberg had a presentation on career programs in the school and its benefits.

    Matton-Millar shared they work with 19 schools where they listen to a student’s interests, skill sets and assess them. They look at apprenticeships, two and four year programs. 

    “There are over 10,000 apprenticeships in Minnesota where students can learn while they earn and get college credit at the same time,” said Matton-Millar.

    “We are looking for the best alternatives for some of these students. We know four year degrees are not for everybody,” she continued.

    They help with applications and with a personal learning plan. They also assist teachers with in school activities and provide resources to fill in the career information that is out  there....

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