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Trash cans never sounded better



by Trinity Gruenberg

    This fall, High School Band Teacher Stephanie Brownlow announced they were going to start a trash can band and asked if anyone wanted to join. Fifteen students jumped at the chance. Brownlow and K-8 Music/High School Special Band Teacher Nicholas  Bunio worked with the students to make the Trash Can Band come to life. 

    For seniors, this is the second time around that the Trash Can Band has formed. They had played in seventh grade. The band includes students from 9-12 high school band. 

    “I got to do it the first time and I thought it was pretty awesome,” said senior Haley Youngbauer.

    “We’re a pretty trashy band,” chuckled senior Matthew Greenwaldt....

You can see a video of one of their performances on the Verndale Sun Facebook page.

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