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Verndale School Board: MSBA conference, building projects


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on February 4. 

Minnesota School Board Association leadership 


Member Shyla Hess attended sessions on risk management in schools at the MSBA confrence. One touched on international travel and insurance coverage. Employees may need separate workman’s comp coverage. 

She shared they may need to look into a drone policy to prevent accidents and prevent privacy issues. She attended a session on different types of harassment in schools and that employees should know the policies and who to report it to, including documenting everything that happened.  She also attended a session on engaging parents and social emotional learning for elementary students.

Member Chris Youngbauer attended safety related workshops. He attended Ripl training (Relational Impactful Preventative Leadership) to identify and prevent mental health awareness issues and to proactively help those students before a situation arises.

He attended a program on school resource officer training. It is important to have consistent officers in the building for students. They suggested putting alarms on the doors that would alert the SRO on their phone. They suggested having the SRO randomly pick a date for an active lockdown drill. . . .

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