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Verndale School Board: Wrestling co-op discussed


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on December 3.

Wrestling Coach Bill Wagner spoke to the board about his goals with the BHVPP wrestlers.

A large crowd of wrestlers and their families were in attendance. 

Wagner shared he has been doing leadership training with the team. He said he is working to improve his leadership skills and communication. 

He has been writing weekly newsletters to keep parents informed. 

They work on goal setting with the wrestlers. Wagner’s goal is public relations which is attending the school board meetings, and working more with the local newspapers, updating their Facebook page, and making posters for the team.

Wagner created a questionnaire for the parents asking what they are looking for and what they would like to see improved. 

“We’re here to support all the schools and work on better PR,” said Wagner.

“We’re delighted with the wrestling program. We like the job you’re doing. We like  everything about it. Unfortunately, there are a  few things that need to be negotiated and I think that’s what’s causing a stir,” said Board Member Marcus Edin. 

“I agree. We appreciate your efforts. We like how the program is moving and the direction it is going. It’s great to see the enthusiasm tonight. So, congratulations and keep up the good work,” said Board Member Bill Blaha. 

Wagner and the majority of the wrestling families left the meeting to do a survey.

The wrestling discussion continued during Brownlow’s report. 

Brownlow reported he will be meeting with the Parkers Prairie and Bertha-Hewitt superintendents to modify the current wrestling agreement. Transportation expenses are an issue and they will review what expenses can be included in the co-op such as trophies.

Both Verndale and Parkers Prairie charge transportation expenses to Bertha-Hewitt for practice. Brownlow hopes to bring a new agreement to the January meeting for approval. The agreement would not be for this school year . . . .

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