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Verndale School Board: Planning for Spanish class trip


by Trinity Gruenberg

    The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on November 6.

School resource officer

    Verndale Police Chief Cory Carr updated the school board on how things are going in the school.

    “It’s going really good at the school. I enjoy being here,” said Carr.

    He shared they have a new officer starting on Friday, and he will share in the school resource officer position. 

    There have been a few incidents at the school, but nothing major. The students are getting used to his presence.

    “At first they were shocked to see me. Now they’re high fiving me in the hallways,” shared Carr.

    The new officer has experience with schools, children’s mental health and deescalation. 

    “[Cory] has been able to build relationships. I think sometimes, too, just his presence in the building has helped,” said Superintendent Paul Brownlow.

    They performed an external lockdown drill and conversed with Carr about suggestions on what can be done. 

    “The problems we prevent will be better than the problems we will have to respond to,” said Board Member Tony Stanley. “People will be discouraged to act up since he’s here.”

    “Having that car parked out front is the big thing right there,” said Brownlow. 

Spanish trip presentation

    Spanish Teacher Amy Ashbaugh presented several options to the school board for a possible Spanish class trip in 2020.

    She said the trip in 2017 was a huge success. . . .

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