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Verndale School Board holds a special meeting


by Trinity Gruenberg

    A special meeting of the Verndale School Board was held on Thursday, August 9. Board Member Marcus Edin was absent.

Legislative report

    Superintendent Paul Brownlow traveled to Washington D.C.  in July to represent Region Five and spoke to Congressman Rick Nolan and Senator Tina Smith.  They talked about the reauthorization of the Carl Perkins career and technical education act funding. They were looking into not forgiving as many loans for students going into teaching.

    “It was a little alarming, because we already have a shortage and I think that’s one of the incentives for people to not have to pay as much back in loans,” said Brownlow. 

    With the school safety funds being vetoed by the governor, the funds for a school resource officer were no longer available. Brownlow said that they have some funding available for the resource officer. 

Financial reports

    Brownlow shared that there is no data for fiscal year 2019 yet as it just started. The 2018 figures look good, but adjustments are still being made. 

    Food service increased $40,000. 

    “It’s a good thing, but we still need to figure out why such a volatile jump. We were concerned we were in the negative, now we’re up $40,000,” said Brownlow. 

    Brownlow shared that Business Manager Dawn Anderson told him that is not the final number as adjustments are still being made. 

    The debt service  fund went up due to bond payments and will level out. . . .

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