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Verndale School Board: Community Concern for Youth, bus driver agreement discussed


by Trinity Gruenberg

    The Verndale School Board held a special meeting on August 23.

Community Concern for Youth

    Dan Huebsch, diversion worker with Community Concern for Youth, made a presentation to the school board.

    Huebsch works with Wadena County students on truancy and mentorship.

    “What Dan does is work with referrals. He works as intermediary between the school and the court system. It is voluntary and the parents can choose to use this. We use some of our safe schools money to pay part of that fee,” explained Superintendent Paul Brownlow. 

    “I work with the younger grades when kids are starting to get into trouble, fall through the cracks, a tough home life, all the way to kids that have had different law violations­—all different capacities,” explained Huebsch.

    If a student misses several days of school, Brownlow will give Huebsch a call to investigate and touch base with the student and their family.

    He works with the kids, families and legal system. If a student ends up on truancy, Huebsch will be their probation officer. . . .

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