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Senior Center talks continue: Planning Valentine's Day event


by Trinity Gruenberg

Prospective seniors met at the Verndale United Church of Christ on January 8 to continue discussion of organizing a senior center. 

“I became interested in this project when I found out there wasn’t a senior center here anymore,” said Nolan Bacon.

He is looking to host activities as well as Christian social time and fellowship.

Bacon would like to include the area from County Road 9 to Highway 210 up to the Aldrich area.

“And wherever else people want to come in from,” said Bacon.

He has held discussions with Sheila Stave of Mahube-Otwa and Commissioner Chuck Horsager looking for ideas to get this project off the ground. He suggested looking for sponsorships to help get it started and he is willing to donate $500. They are also planning to speak to the city council and the bank.

“I think if we don’t contribute ideas we’re not accomplishing much,” said Bacon. “I realize what this area needs is fellowship.”

Stave shared that she talked to the Central Minnesota Council on Aging about funding and food programs. If they can get established with a licensed kitchen they could get a discount on meals through their funding. She brought menus from the Hilltop Kitchen for them to review. There is an option for an evening meal most Thursdays.

Lee Tarrell noted that Nolan and Ellen Bacon had been active in a senior center in Arkansas. Tarrell and his wife Linda were active in the former senior center in Verndale before it closed. 

They wish to involve the churches as much as possible to be able to socialize. 

“We had a preliminary meeting and there was a lot of interest, I thought,” said Tarrell. 

They spoke with Pastor Tony Stanley of the Verndale Alliance Church to see if they could use the Anchor for their senior center and the response was “favorable.” . . .

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